Post-Surgery Recovery

Stacy King is a truly exceptional physical therapist. I underwent a rotator cuff surgery and heard horror stories of the time it would take to return to life post-surgery and during the rehab process. I delayed as long as I could until the pain overwhelmed me in even the simplest of daily activities. Now I realize I did not need to have such trepidation regarding the surgery and rehab! I was so pleased to experience strength, mobility, and return to activity IN HALF THE TIME that I was told would be the case. In fact, Stacy had to reel me in because I felt so good. I know that while I had an excellent surgeon, a large portion of the credit goes to Stacy for my accelerated recovery and zero pain today. Her tailored PT plan was just what I needed to heal in the most effective and efficient way. Tremendous skill is needed to be among the finest in any field, but for me, additionally, Stacy’s compassion and kindness during the process cements her place among the elite in the PT profession. She made it less arduous and even fun to heal.