Technical Expertise

Stacy King is the ultimate physical therapist. Her technical and interpersonal expertise are simply the best. As a surgeon, I know that when I send a patient to be treated by Stacy, the patient is more likely to improve and to not need surgery. She is so good; she actually saves time and money for the patient and for the medical system as a whole because she is able to more efficiently get the patient better without the need for more complex diagnostic tests or invasive procedures.

-Kenneth Fine, MD

Knee Pain

Stacy King has been my physiotherapist and personal trainer for the past 10 years. She is a superb professional — highly intelligent and skillful. She stays up to date with all the latest trends and development in her field. After she rehabbed my knee, I was able to climb Machu Picchu without any pain or discomfort, and I thought of her with gratitude when I reached the summit and enjoyed the majestic view. Stacy is a delightful person, destined for success at the highest level.

-Norman E. Rosenthal, MD

Sports Related Issues, Youth PT

Stacy is our family’s go to person for all our physical therapy and sports related issues. I’ve utilized her professional skills for personal training and Pilates for me after my own course of physical therapy, to physical therapy consultations for my son’s knee and ankle issues. Our daughter has even gone through the Sportsmetrics™ program twice as she enjoyed the not only the program, but also the knowledge in how to help protect her knees during soccer and lacrosse.


Maintaining Active Lifestyle

I have found Stacy to be extremely knowledgeable in evaluating, diagnosing and treating the various issues for which I have seen her. She is versed in using a variety of techniques to resolve the issues at hand. She has also assisted me in developing a regime of exercises which has eliminated my pain and improved my mobility and strength. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Stacy.

-Margie B.

Physical Therapist

Sometimes even PTs need some physical therapy! This one turns to Stacy King, a truly skilled manual therapist who can “fix” the human body where others cannot.

-Eleni C., MSPT

Sciatic Nerve Pain

I have used several physical therapists in the past but have never had the personal attention that Stacy King has demonstrated. She has a great way of getting to the source of the problem and its correction. When I first met Stacy, I had been struggling with an irritated sciatic nerve after hip surgery. She was the therapist that devised the appropriate set of exercises that helped me regain the ability to walk normally and without pain. She also helped me regain normal rotation with an injured shoulder. In addition, because of her lovely personality, I leave my visit with her feeling both physically as well as personally restored.


Post-Surgery Recovery

Stacy King is a truly exceptional physical therapist. I underwent a rotator cuff surgery and heard horror stories of the time it would take to return to life post-surgery and during the rehab process. I delayed as long as I could until the pain overwhelmed me in even the simplest of daily activities. Now I realize I did not need to have such trepidation regarding the surgery and rehab! I was so pleased to experience strength, mobility, and return to activity IN HALF THE TIME that I was told would be the case. In fact, Stacy had to reel me in because I felt so good. I know that while I had an excellent surgeon, a large portion of the credit goes to Stacy for my accelerated recovery and zero pain today. Her tailored PT plan was just what I needed to heal in the most effective and efficient way. Tremendous skill is needed to be among the finest in any field, but for me, additionally, Stacy’s compassion and kindness during the process cements her place among the elite in the PT profession. She made it less arduous and even fun to heal.


Athletic Injury

Stacy King of Aspire PT & Wellness has a unique ability to work with people at all levels of fitness and with different conditions and injuries. She is patient, knowledgeable, always encouraging and focused on your goals. Whether you want to compete in a national championship, or just be able to walk around the block without pain, she addresses your needs expertly and with passion. Because she is an extraordinary Physical Therapist and trainer, I have always trusted her judgement and felt safe allowing her to push me to achieve my goals.

-Karen S.