Aspire PT & Wellness Telehealth Sessions

Aspire PT & Wellness is pleased to offer Telehealth sessions for our clients.
Changing times require safe and effective ways to offer physical therapy services to our patients. Telehealth is a convenient treatment alternative for patients who do not want to come into the clinic. These services are done from the comfort of your home and consists of a scheduled video conference call between you and your physical therapist. Once you are comfortable, traditional, in person, hands on sessions can be scheduled or resumed.


Before your first session, a consent form will need to be filled out and sent back to your PT.

On the day of your session, a link will be sent to you to login. Just click on the link and you will be placed into the virtual waiting room. Once your session is set to begin, your physical therapist will let you into the room.

Telehealth sessions are best done on a laptop whenever possible.


Scheduling a telehealth session is simple. Call 301-461-4851 or email us using the form on the Contact page to get started.