Performed By Aspire PT
& Wellness

Based on the experience and knowledge of Dr. Stacy King, Aspire PT & Wellness believes in a thorough evaluation and assessment in order to focus on the specific needs of each patient. The assessment includes more than a discussion of the injury that brings you to the office.

Below is a list of some of the special assessments that you may encounter during your Physical Therapy evaluation:

  • Postural Assessment looks at the overall alignment of a person to evaluate how the body moves and functions.
  • Gait Assessment indicates a person’s stability and balance.
  • Strength Testing can reveal information about weakness or imbalance.
  • Range of Motion/Flexibility Testing measures the degree of movement at a joint.
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screen) can help diagnose problems and demonstrate areas for improved movement.
  • SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) helps to determine patterns of movement associated with musculoskeletal pain.
  • Sports Injury Testing measures factors relating to an athlete’s strength, coordination and body alignment.
  • Health Coaching may offer keys to a healthier life.


We do not lump patients into any one category. Rather, we take a wholistic approach to assessing what is the cause of your pain. Once the source is identified, then a complete treatment regime can be initiated.


The services section of this site provides more information on the assessment we provide for each individual, the treatments that are part of our practice, the injuries we treat and Trigger Point Dry Needling therapy.